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Jesus was at table with friends…

Academic “hell week” occurs the last week of the semester.  Christian “Holy Week” occurs the week before Easter. This year they coincided. My last day of seminary, my last class, my last worship service, my last free lunch, my last … Continue reading

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Spinning the Globe

The globe spun: red, yellow and green countries whirled past, surrounded by bright blue oceans and rivers. My sister and I took turns spinning the globe faster and faster. We closed our eyes and touched the quickly-revolving ball, stopping it with … Continue reading

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Lauds — 8/12 pages in

It’s sunrise.  My goal had been to finish the 3rd, 4th, and 5th sections of my paper by 7.  That didn’t happen, although my first two parts are now incredibly lengthy.  I unfortunately had a thorough outline for the first … Continue reading

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Midnight Office — 5/12 pages in (still)

*Yawn.* My brain shuts off after a point, and evidently so does my body. I divided my paper into five sections and got the first two written last night when I decided to start formatting the citations on those sections. … Continue reading

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Compline — 5/12 pages in

I started with one page prior to my midterm this afternoon. I knocked out another four pages in three hours, and have sent them to my mother, who not only is the best proofreader ever, but does it professionally 🙂  … Continue reading

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Praying the hours…

I have 11 pages to write in 22 hours. I have never done this before. I think I’m going to turn into a monk and use this as an opportunity to pray the hours. All of them.

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The Very Best Beer (In Honor of St. Brigit’s Day)

My seminary needs a patron saint, and I think I’ve found the perfect one: She’s a “she,” which satisfies our feminist sensibilities. She’s international, which appeals to our internat’l, multicultural hearts. She does miracles of “labor helps” (i.e., helping people … Continue reading

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