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La Flor Más Linda De Mi Querer

Ay, Nicaragua.  How long has it been?  Nine years ago this week I returned from a Mission of Peace to Nicaragua.  That trip (through the United Methodist Church) changed my experience/understanding of self, vocation, community, God, and the globe. I … Continue reading

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We’re Traveling on a Road We’ve Never Seen Before

I put these lyrics up as my “About Me” when I first started this blog a few months ago because it was the easiest thing to post.  Now that I actually have more than just my mother reading this blog … Continue reading

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This is Itineracy, Part I

I treasure the journal of my great-great-great-grandfather, who was a circuit rider in Illinois and Missouri.  He writes of moving from church to church each week, staying in the houses of people he has never met, hoping that they will … Continue reading

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Blogroll #5: some folks

Some folks are your friends because you went to pre-school together or you rang church-bells at 3 AM together or you crushed on the same boys together.  Other folks are your friends because they speak English and give you a bandana … Continue reading

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Spinning the Globe

The globe spun: red, yellow and green countries whirled past, surrounded by bright blue oceans and rivers. My sister and I took turns spinning the globe faster and faster. We closed our eyes and touched the quickly-revolving ball, stopping it with … Continue reading

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