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Day 7 without Alleluias

Giving up singing “Alleluia” in Lent might be harder than giving up facebook.  (Since I don’t have a love-hate relationship with the term “alleluia”…) My church sings a lot of contemporary praise music in Spanish & English, so we still … Continue reading

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Day 7 Without Facebook

I heard last night that Facebook now lets you know who has been visiting your profile.  The person who told me this was horrified that her co-worker would know how much she stalks him.  And I’m just glad I gave up … Continue reading

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Not counting Sundays…

Lord, who throughout these forty days for us didst fast and pray, teach us with thee to mourn our sins and close by thee to stay. -UMH 269 Dilemma:  I need to create a facebook event to do last-minute advertising for … Continue reading

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After Ashes

I hate washing the cross off my face.  Some years I leave it on until the morning, waking up with ashes on my pillow, reminding me both that I am mortal and that I need to do my laundry. This … Continue reading

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Lenten Discipline: Giving Up Facebook

I am giving up Facebook for Lent.  My “Mardi Gras” has been to binge on facebook stalking, and now I’ve just de-activated my account to show how much I love the Lord. I did this last year, but kept my … Continue reading

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