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Jesus was at table with friends…

Academic “hell week” occurs the last week of the semester.  Christian “Holy Week” occurs the week before Easter. This year they coincided. My last day of seminary, my last class, my last worship service, my last free lunch, my last … Continue reading

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Stained Glass Window Shopping

I love visiting churches.  I loved my multi-cultural church during my second year of seminary, but the only thing I disliked was that working there meant I had to stop my Sunday morning church-visiting regimen…. my “stained glass window shopping,” … Continue reading

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One Word Resolution: Relax!

For all of you who have been holding your breath wondering what my One-Word Resolution for 2011 was, the delay was due to practicing the word too much in regards to worrying about posting to the blog. here’s the word: … Continue reading

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Recently, I was asked to write a 1000-word essay for the international magazine at the university where my seminary is. (We’ll talk later about how my least favorite part of my theology school is the “Methodist” university…). I was supposed … Continue reading

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divine inspiration as a literary composition theory

“Divine inspiration is a theological statement about authority, not a literary composition theory.” -Luke Timothy Johnson Right now, I’m wishing that it were… and that I had it. 41 pages down, 114 to go… (including Commissioning, due Monday…) God, a … Continue reading

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Salvation, definition of

“By SALVATION I mean, not barely… deliverance from hell, or going to heaven, but a present deliverance from sin, a restoration of the soul to its primitive health, its original purity; a recovery of the divine nature; the renewal of … Continue reading

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Spinning the Globe

The globe spun: red, yellow and green countries whirled past, surrounded by bright blue oceans and rivers. My sister and I took turns spinning the globe faster and faster. We closed our eyes and touched the quickly-revolving ball, stopping it with … Continue reading

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“The Grammar School of Christianity”: Interview Malfunctions

This week is full of scholarship interviews at my seminary, and since I am serving on the scholarship selection committee this year, I am humbled both by the responsibility and by the fact that whatever I did several years ago … Continue reading

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