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Whew.  I am tired! Nothing has prepared me for full-time, all-by-your-lonesome, too-much-to-do-and-too-little-time-in-which-to-do-it Methodist ministry.   I’ve been blessed with an outstanding education, challenging internships, and a strong support network.  But still, this transition is making me tired. Sunday comes so quickly. … Continue reading

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First Glimpses of the Orthodox “Other”

Back a long time ago, before I got into the semester, I began a short-lived “I’m going to tell you about my experiences visiting Orthodox churches!” kick.  Things happened: I got a call about a new appointment, schoolwork shifted into … Continue reading

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A letter from the past

The following is an e-mail from the past, composed on December 28, 2010, and sent into the future (now the present) through My dearest Self, “I will give you the treasures of darkness and riches hidden in secret places, … Continue reading

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Stained Glass Window Shopping, Part II

By our third year in seminary, my friends had mostly settled in at specific churches, but my wanderlust was still strong. Unfortunately, I struggled to motivate myself to visit churches by myself, finding it weird and awkward to have to … Continue reading

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Stained Glass Window Shopping

I love visiting churches.  I loved my multi-cultural church during my second year of seminary, but the only thing I disliked was that working there meant I had to stop my Sunday morning church-visiting regimen…. my “stained glass window shopping,” … Continue reading

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Recently, I was asked to write a 1000-word essay for the international magazine at the university where my seminary is. (We’ll talk later about how my least favorite part of my theology school is the “Methodist” university…). I was supposed … Continue reading

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Salvation, definition of

“By SALVATION I mean, not barely… deliverance from hell, or going to heaven, but a present deliverance from sin, a restoration of the soul to its primitive health, its original purity; a recovery of the divine nature; the renewal of … Continue reading

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Secret Crossings

“The only good thing about borders are the secret crossings.” Once we have our borders as clean and obvious as we can make them, we find Manuel Rivas’s “secret crossings.” In secret crossings, people who are forcibly kept separated by … Continue reading

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“This goes here,” says the doddering king

“An imaginary line gets traced one day by some doddering king in his bed or drawn on the table by powerful men as if they were playing a game of poker… It’s ironic to think of the doddering kings and … Continue reading

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“The Man Cold” meets “Lawrence of Arabia”

I just finished up a weekend of reflection with my fellow Middle East Travel Seminar-ians and remembered that I never posted anything about my Middle East Trip.  So now I am scheduling blog posts over the next several days…  These … Continue reading

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