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The Jesse Tree: An Interactive Worship Service based on Matthew 1:1-17

This week was supposed to be an “easy” week — a week off from the hard work of worship preparation, a week to relax (during Advent – HA!) and let the Children’s Christmas program do all the work — at … Continue reading

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East and West Alike: Risen from the Dead!

After posting part of the lyrics to the Paschal Troparion this morning, I discovered that these “ancient Christian” lyrics from the East have been put to a new setting by a “contemporary Christian” from the West.  (Disclaimer: I generally detest … Continue reading

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Bestowing life: Christ is risen!

The Risen Christ: Exiting the Cathedral, Going into the World (photo taken in Sevilla, Spain, Easter 2006) Christ is risen from the dead, trampling down death by death— and upon those in the tombs bestowing life! Christ is Risen! Christ … Continue reading

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Jesus was at table with friends…

Academic “hell week” occurs the last week of the semester.  Christian “Holy Week” occurs the week before Easter. This year they coincided. My last day of seminary, my last class, my last worship service, my last free lunch, my last … Continue reading

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Civil Rights in Georgia under attack: HB87

A few hours ago the Georgia state legislature passed a bill rivaling Arizona’s immigration bill in severity. Atlanta Journal-Constitution article here. If you are a person of faith reading this blog, you should be particularly interested in the ONE Christian … Continue reading

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A saint of our own: Frances Willard, Methodist/Feminist

“So why are you interested in Orthodoxy?” asked my seminary classmate. “I love it!  The liturgy, the history, the music, the communion of saints, the icons, the reverence for Scripture & tradition, the experiential nature of worship, the understanding of … Continue reading

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Stained Glass Window Shopping, Part II

By our third year in seminary, my friends had mostly settled in at specific churches, but my wanderlust was still strong. Unfortunately, I struggled to motivate myself to visit churches by myself, finding it weird and awkward to have to … Continue reading

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Trust, Patience, Discernment, Peace… and then Hope…

This whole “one word” thing isn’t entirely new to me. In college I used to meet for coffee with my campus minister and try to talk and talk and talk my way through vocational discernment.  At the end of one … Continue reading

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A Shabbat Prayer

WHERE HAS this week vanished? Is it lost for ever? Will I ever recover anything from it? The joy of life, the unexpected victory, the realized hope, the task accomplished? Will I ever be able to banish the memory of … Continue reading

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Zombie Jesus?

My friend sent me this text message the other day: “I just heard someone say, ‘Easter is when we celebrate zombie Jesus; it’s just back in the day they called it resurrection.’” And I laughed. But then I thought about … Continue reading

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