Some people do things the normal way.

I tend to do things in a way that takes a lot more work, isn’t fully appreciated, is slightly neurotic, and goes very slowly.

Why should my blogroll be any different?

Rather than posting a list of the blogs that I follow, I am slowly sharing with you my favorite blogs in a creatively titled “Blogroll Series.”

If you click on the first part of each name (Blogroll #_), then you can go to my reflections.  If you click on the second part of each name (the title of the blog), you’ll leave this site to go explore other blogging worlds, albeit highly recommended ones.


[The other option is to just go here and read my commentaries all at once: Blogroll Series.]


3 Responses to Blogroll

  1. I’d love for you to submit your stuff into the MethoBlog

    • La Peregrina says:

      Thanks for the affirmation of my metho-nerdiness — I did submit this blog a while ago but it was never added (perhaps because I hadn’t been blogging long enough?), and today when I tried to re-submit, I got the message that I had submitted the maximum # of entries…. so I am a reject methoblogger 😦

      • send me an email directly with name to go along with blog. i can figure out the rest. apologies as sometimes site submissions get filtered into my spam randomly. i catch it many times, but some have slipped through.

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