About La Peregrina

I am La Peregrina, the Pilgrim.

In Santiago de Compostela (Galicia, Spain), pilgrims walk for weeks or months to get to their destination, the cathedral of St. James (and sometimes they keep walking to The End of the World).  They follow signs that look like this:


I’m in the middle of major life transitions: after a long journey, I am graduating from a wonderful seminary, being commissioned as an elder in my home conference, and beginning work as a pastor of two United Methodist churches on July 1st.  The “La Peregrina” moniker, which I adopted several years ago, seems more relevant than ever.

Join me on my journey!


We are gathered here together; we are strangers in a strange land.
Nomads in the desert, we are exiles meant to roam.
We have left the past behind us and the ones who call us children.
We’re searching out a new frontier, a place to call our own. 

We’re traveling on a road we’ve never seen before,
and, oh, it’s hard to know which way to go.
But somewhere there’s a promise ‘bout distant shore
that those who seek will someday know.  

full lyrics here.


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