General Conference Updates on New Blog

You might have noticed a decline in posts since I received my first appointment last summer.  Writing a sermon every week seems to sap my writing energies, and on top of that—-even with trying to keep this a semi-private blog—-I still don’t feel that I can be fully professional and authentic because I don’t know what the audience here is (family? old friends? clergy colleagues around the world? the local congregations? the Board of Ordained Ministry?).  So writing about frustrations seems inappropriate and writing only about uplifting ways in which I’ve seen God sounds exhausting. 

But Iam excited to partner with my family in sending back daily updates of our life at the 2012 United Methodist General Conference.

As my brother says, this blog promises to be boring because, out of respect to the monitoring ministry (which has the task of remaining neutral observers), I must refrain from sharing my opinions on the issues presented.  (I will break that promise if and when we add “gender” to paragraph 4 of the Constitution!)
And my mother wants to reflect back to the people of West Virginia, who elected her as the first lay delegate to General Conference, the tension of listening and voting with integrity while maintaining a view of the whole church.
And my father really is a very middle-of-the-road Methodist whose goal of unity in the midst of diversity trumps many other concerns.

So this is not the best place to receive breaking news on human sexuality (see the Love Your Neighbor Coalition for that) or restructure (see UM Insight or Hacking Christianity for some great analyses in that area).

But we will give you a perspective on what does it look like to be a delegate, page, or monitor.  And then you can imagine yourself in our shoes if you were here…

2012 General Conference Logo
(copyright by The United Methodist Church)

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