Civil Rights in Georgia under attack: HB87

A few hours ago the Georgia state legislature passed a bill rivaling Arizona’s immigration bill in severity.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution article here.

If you are a person of faith reading this blog, you should be particularly interested in the ONE Christian or religious voice from the article: she stands *against* justice.

This “politically active Christian” (the name of her network) blames the victims, accusing undocumented workers of being the ones who are “ethically… and… morally wrong.”

Where are the other people of faith?
How can we testify that our God is a God of justice and peace, concerned with each human created in the image of God?

And for people who read this blog who don’t identify with a faith tradition… where are the voices calling for basic human rights?
How can we declare “certain unalienable rights” when “aliens” in our country are denied those rights??*

The only voices in the article who are against the bill are doing so for economic reasons, none for civil rights.

Praying en el nombre del Dios de Justicia…

*thanks to a classmate, the future-Reverend Paige Ann Miller, in my Prophetic Proclamation class for pointing out this alien/unalienable connection.

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