One Word Resolution: Relax!

For all of you who have been holding your breath wondering what my One-Word Resolution for 2011 was, the delay was due to practicing the word too much in regards to worrying about posting to the blog.

here’s the word:


Yep, my goal is to RELAX. That seems to mean not-beating-myself-up about not posting on more than a monthly basis.  But it has strong connections to the rest of my life, too.

Specifically, I want to relax regarding:

  • schoolwork (this is getting easier this semester because I’m taking my two most-difficult classes pass/fail, and I have decided to read what I want to read and not read what I don’t want to read; also, I’m pretty sure that my Board will never see my grades for this semester, so that takes some of the pressure off that I felt my first two years of seminary!  What I’m doing now is learning what I need to know for the parish and for myself)
  • ordination/commissioning/my future (this is completely out of my control… and the beauty of this system is that I don’t have to worry about where I will go… I just go where sent!  No use worrying about it in the meantime… at least this is what I keep telling myself)
  • getting a job/itineracy/finding out where I will live (see above!)
  • relationships (I’m surprising myself how calm I’ve been regarding future-life decisions… feeling at peace about waiting for things to unfold, however they will, and enjoying life in the meantime!)
  • money (I have enough in savings to get me through June… and in July I [should] get a paycheck!  I am REALLY looking forward to having an income… budgeting should get a little bit easier when the income column is something other than $0)
  • being perfect… because I’m not.

There are many day-to-day situations when I find myself just saying, “Relax.  You’ll get through this.”  I want this to be my word throughout the year, defining my emotional/mental state no matter what happens.

The picture is of me at one of my most relaxed… jumping off a waterfall in Trinidad, where I was visiting a dear friend and college apartmentmate.  I want to relax—and just jump!—this year.

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4 Responses to One Word Resolution: Relax!

  1. Katelin says:

    heh…I have been listening to this e-experiment on loop for a while whenever I get uptight:

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