Reverse PSA: Cayenne Pepper does the trick!

I spoke too soon last night.

Cayenne pepper does amazing things for one’s circulation, but it takes 45 minutes for one to really feel the effect.

This all started because my roommates & I are trying to save on our utilities and are keeping the house at a temperature to rival the Varykino Ice Palace in Dr. Zhivago.   After too many days and nights of this, I finally googled “how to warm cold feet” and got all sorts of useful information like “wear socks” or “Don’t press your feet against your partner: it will warm your feet but cool the relationship.” Thanks, google, I never would have figured those things out.

And then… the only thing that intrigued me:
put a small amount of chili or cayenne pepper inside your socks.

So I did. Nothing happened. My feet felt gross. And they were still cold.

So I snuggled deeper under the blankets and tried to read. 45 minutes later, I realized that my feet were bursting with heat. I eventually had to take my socks off & wash my feet before falling asleep, since I was worried about the physiological effects of 8 hours of extremely high foot circulation.

Is this a long-term solution to living in an ice castle?
No, I don’t really want to smell like chili for the rest of the winter.

Is this a short-term solution?
No, because it doesn’t work quite fast enough for me (when my feet are cold I want them to be warm right now!  Waiting 30-60 minutes isn’t that appealing).

But it was a fun science experiment… and there might be occasions when I will resort to it again…

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7 Responses to Reverse PSA: Cayenne Pepper does the trick!

  1. Mom says:

    How about using your rice bag — or have you sworn off electricity for the microwave as well? And, there’s always a snuggly. (And, please tell me you did try the “wearing socks” thing…)

  2. Katie says:

    We haven’t really turned our heat on yet, either. I take a lot of hot baths at night, which sends me to bed toasty warm. Of course, then you have to worry about your water bill, so it might be self-defeating….

    • La Peregrina says:

      We don’t have a bathtub, but hot showers ARE extra nice 🙂 Sometimes I think my blood has gotten weaker over the last three years, but then I remember all those layers of clothes we used to wear to high school…

  3. Mary Sweet says:

    One of the best things we brought with us from MI is the electric blanket. Our thermostat is set at 70 in the summer and 65 in the ‘winter,’ and turned down to 55 at night. We haven’t really had it come on yet this season.

    The blanket is turned on about 30 minutes before one of us goes to bed, and is turned off when the last one gets out of bed.

  4. Mary Sweet says:

    They also have dual control blankets as well, if there are two different body temperatures to consider.

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