Comfort Books… errrr, Media

I’m a long-time lurker at RevGalBlogPals but never participate in their “Friday Five” challenge… until today.  This one seemed pretty easy to answer, and I am delaying getting my Halloween costume ready.

So here’s the challenge: “Comfort Media: List five of your favorite ‘go-to’ movies/tv shows/books.”  You know, the kinds of things that make you want to curl up on a rainy, sick, stressful day and escape into a better world…

Here are my five:

1. Anne of Green Gables (and every other L.M. Montgomery book… the movies were awful, except for the part where Anne calls Gilbert a “ninny”…)

2. Little Women (the book, NOT the movie(s))

3. Gone with the Wind (book and movie)
[after my first year in Atlanta, I couldn’t read or watch GWTW anymore because of the racist overtones, but I’m starting to accept the bad and the good of Atlanta’s past… and this soap opera set in the time of the Civil War happens to be devilishly good!)

4. Christy by Catherine Marshall (I think there was a made-for-tv movie but I’ve never seen it)

5. Grease! (movie)
[I don’t really like re-watching movies or tv shows, so it was hard to come up with this one.  I’m actually only including Grease so I don’t date myself as a 19th/early 20th-century American/Canadian woman… the other option was Galician poetry by Rosalia de Castro, which would get me off the North American continent but would still be 19th-century women’s lit!]

The key thread in connecting these five is that I feel in love with them between the ages of 8 and 14.   I guess I need to go re-subscribe to American Girl Magazine


What would be your Friday Five?

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6 Responses to Comfort Books… errrr, Media

  1. bookgirl71 says:

    Great list. Skip the Christy movie (and short-lived TV series.) It’s Catherine Marshall’s Julie that resonates with me, but I like Christy a lot. I have a theory that there is something about the books we read when we’re 14…

  2. kathrynzj says:

    GREASE! My friend and I totally find comfort in that movie.

    Thanks for playing!

    • La Peregrina says:

      We watched Grease! every year at our junior high lock-in… and sang along to it on the cross country team… and when I saw it this summer (for the first time in years), I was amazed with how happy it still makes me!

      Thanks for coming up with the prompt today!

  3. teri says:

    LOVE Christy! I did watch the tv show briefly…the book is so much better. I used to re-read it often when I was younger. Thanks for the reminder!

    • La Peregrina says:

      Although I first read Christy in elementary school, I forgot about Christy until I spent a summer doing mission work in Nicaragua and kept comparing my experiences with chickens to her Christy’s experiences with pigs. I bought the book at that point and discovered that I appreciated the book so much more as an adult than I did as a child! (9-year-old me just couldn’t understand the attraction to the Doctor…)

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