discipline woman book

“discipline woman book” is the latest google search that brought visitors to my blog.  I’m not sure what flagged my little website as the best result tothat query, especially since it sounds more S&M than UMC

But the phrase was apt this week, as I just got back from a Commission on the Status and Role of Women (GCSRW) meeting in Nashville.  GCSRW empowers women in the church by

I do love me some good activism, especially when it is helping the church be true to its mission.

This year I geeked out after I met Nan Self, one of the GCSRW pioneers, in the bathroom and helped her with her necklace.  I didn’t realize who it was until she was officially introduced later that day.

I have the privilege of taking the minutes each year (biannually, if you count exec)  and it’s hard to contain my passion, even when the minutes look like this:

This wordle looks way cooler when it’s big and on my computer… I was bored last year and put the 13 pages of minutes into wordle…

And although “committee” is evidently my most used word, “discipline = woman book” is the direction we’re aiming to go 🙂

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