Running, Day 2

I paid $30 to get a month-long gym membership starting the first of July. I haggled to get the student discount (“We’ve never had a graduate student before”), and it’s a good thing I did:
I’ve only been back to the gym once.

I get really nervous before working out. As in, I wonder if I can do it and I hate the way my body doesn’t work like it used to and I get mad at myself for four years (!) of being lazy and I feel kind of sick to my stomach and I vow to stop drinking so much coffee because suddenly my head is starting to hurt and I feel the need to obsessively start drinking water and I want some oatmeal but regret those fried churros that tasted more like funnel cake than anything served in Spain.  I wonder where all my nice running socks went to, and I mourn the days when I ran in just a sports bra because finding clean t-shirts is kinda hard.

I plan my day around it.

And I’m secretly excited. I wonder if maybe—just maybe—I’m athletic after all… or rather, maybe I’m athletic after all these years.

But then I talk myself down: Remember, you’re not “young” anymore. (I’m 24). You haven’t done this in a while. Every six months you get the urge to exercise but then you embarrass yourself and your enthusiasm wanes.

When I bought the gym membership, it was 101 degrees in the shade and I came back that very night to see what was on the fitness center television.  I did 20 minutes on the elliptical (easy! worked up a sweat but found it relaxing!) and then jumped to the treadmill to walk it out.  Then my competitive side got the best of me and I did 20 minutes running at a pace that I would’ve been embarrassed of in high school.  I was doing all the mental math problems I could to keep myself distracted and then instinctively sped up and up and up until the end of the work-out.

My shins were sore for three days afterward.

And then Vacation Bible School hit.

And I never had time to wanted to made it back.

On Tuesday, I agreed to run the Chicken 5K this weekend.  My favorite punster told me that running in the Poultry Festival was “a fowl idea.”  I agree.  But at least now I have a goal and someone to talk to a training partner 🙂

My running partner for the last two days has been a middle-aged man at my church who has run the Marine Corps marathon but these days is content to go 2.8 miles around the flat section of town at a pace that doesn’t leave me sore the next day.

We’re taking tomorrow off and then Saturday is race day!

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One Response to Running, Day 2

  1. bgosden says:

    I’d love to hear how the race goes! I know the feeling you’re experiencing-I’ve been running for 2 years now and I’m still nowhere near my old times from high school.

    A friend told me I had to remember that runner was dead now and this older, wiser, 3-4 days/week runner is the one we train. Ha ha! Good luck and feel free to shoot me a line if you need any encouragement.

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