Offline Peregrinaje

Excuses, excuses…

Here is why I haven’t been blogging:

  1. End-of-semester fun… 60 pages in 3 days? check.
  2. Killing my computer… evidently keyboards & lattes don’t mix… the only MAJOR problem with this was it was 5 pages into the 60 mentioned in number 1 🙂
  3. Driving to and from WV for a six-hour meeting about my summer internship — I stopped at my sister’s college graduation on the way (fun points ++++) but had $2200 worth of car troubles on the way back, which is negative points times a million
  4. Going to the Middle East for three weeks with the fabulous Middle East Travel Seminar —- hopefully I will be blogging some reflections soon!
  5. Moving from one apartment to house with other seminary friends AND packing for a summer in an unknown destination (okay, so I do know the town, but the housing situation I’ll find out when I get there on Wednesday… gotta love flexibility :-))
  6. Annual Conference 2010!  I’m here now, which is how I have access to one of my Mom’s many computers, but this is really the first time I have been online longer than a ten-minute period all week… and business is about to start, so I should get back to the family-reunion-worship-roberts-rules-style grind 🙂

Perhaps once I get moved into wherever my new digs are, pay for a new computer, and think through some of the marvelous things I’ve done in the end of the semester & the Middle East, I will begin blogging once more!

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