Blogroll #6: Rambling Anna

My week of friend-visiting is coming to a close (unfortunately), but I am privileged to spend the weekend with some of my friends on the General Commission on the Status and Role of Women (GCSRW) (pronounced “COS-row”) of The United Methodist Church.  These women and men bring fun (e.g, in discussing GCFA audits: “Jesus is my business continuity plan”… okay, so maybe that’s not funny, but when you’ve been sitting in meetings all day, I swear everything gets funnier!) and passion to the hard work of advocating for women in the church. 

One of my favorite people–and usual GCSRW roommate—is Anna.   We just set next year’s exec meeting for the same weekend, so we’ll get to celebrate her birthday gcsrw-style three years in a row — yippee!  

Snacks were the first thing to go in budget cuts... but A. snapped this picture at our first Board meeting!

Anna is a second-year seminarian at another UM theological school, so we spent our evening exchanging syllabi and adding the other person’s textbooks to our Amazon wishlists.   

In honor of her birthday, I lugged to Chicago a bottle of strawberry wine made by one of our mutual seminarian friends.  It was originally going to be a bottle of “Schleiermacher” (yes, our mutual friend names his home-brews after famous theologians), but the 19th-century Romantic theologian made too much of an impression on my Atlanta seminary friends, and we ran out :-(.  

In addition to the theologically-inclined strawberry wine, the members of the Executive Committee made a contribution in her honor to the Advocacy for Women Endowment Fund.  

So why am I recommending her blog?  A. is thoughtful and amazing.  She’s a local pastor and candidate for ordination who has a heart for the small church but a vision for the global Church.  And the next time someone calls us “youngsters,” we’re gonna shoot back with “geezer.”  Happy birthday, Anna.


update:  Anna very kindly wrote a shout-back in her birthday blog post:

I’d like to point out that hers was posted while I was taking 19+ pages of minutes at an overnight meeting.  And also, I love her because she has a Fossil watch with the United Methodist logo.

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