Blogroll #5: some folks

Some folks are your friends because you went to pre-school together or you rang church-bells at 3 AM together or you crushed on the same boys together. 

Other folks are your friends because they speak English and give you a bandana and share diarrhea medication and comb you for lice. 

Rachael is the latter type of friend.

I got to spend lunch with her yesterday in her co-op in Hyde Park.  Nicaragua was 2 1/2 years ago, but we bounce back into the easy talkative familiarity after only seeing each other a couple of times since then.   She had been halfway through a year of working with Project Chacocente when I came down for the summer, and we bonded instantly in our desire to talk, to listen, and to exchange backrubs.   Our discussions that summer were wide-ranging, and she challenged me to think outside the categories that I had traditionally used to define myself and my world.  Her blog, which is co-authored by a number of lovely people, continues to do that.  My favorite reminder of privilege/original sin is her husband David’s account of life as a s.w.a.g.

So challenge yourself:

and be grateful for clean water, plaintains, and rice & beans… for breakfast.

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