Blogroll #4: Five Small Stones

My friend Kristen titled her blog “Five Small Stones,” after the smooth stones that David pulls from the stream and slings at the mighty Goliath.  Despite the improbability of this action, the reader learns that it “is not by sword or spear that the Lord saves, but the battle is the Lord’s.”

So what are the improbable stones that K. slings?  I am not sure if she’s ever named them, but here is what I would say:

1) Community — this is #1.  Honestly, I wouldn’t value community nearly as much as I do without K’s influence.  “Community” runs the risk of being a buzzword, but K takes it out of this category of hip-things-Christians-should-say-but-who-knows-what-it-means and into Way of Life.  When she has to make difficult decisions for the sake of the community, she does.  And in so doing, she inspires those around her to do the same.  (She also manages to connect everything (including dead mice) to some sort of discussion of community)

2) Seeking after God — the community that she advocates and models is not divorced from her Christian faith.  In fact, what good is community if it’s not rooted in God?  (I can think of a few things that non-Christian community is good for—but that’s not the vision of community that K offers as a living model of the kingdom of God).  Her quiet times, her times of prayer, her private devotions, are what feed the communities that she leads and participates in. 

3) Honesty — K is honest to God, to herself, and to those around her.  (This feeds back into Stone #1 and Stone #2, in case you’re interested :-)) Even when we have hurt each other (which we have!), K. & I have been *honest* about the pain.  That wasn’t always easy (particularly for me but I’m guessing for her too!), but very worth it… because it leads to…

4) Reconciliation & forgiveness  — trust me, this is the fourth stone because it doesn’t come without a commitment to the first three stones…

And what is the last stone that David/Kristen slings at the Goliaths in our lives?  Oh yeah, that would be…

5) Coffee… oh and another cup of coffee… oh and still another one — out of all the “stones” in K’s slingshot, this is the most important:  Caffeine loops back to community 🙂

While on Spring Break this week, I’m looking forward to drinking coffee face-to-face after 2+ years of only blog-following and exchanging Christmas cards and the occasional phone call!

So check out her blog as I go to visit with Kristen today:


(Amazingly, even though we have a ton of shared memories and three years of college together, I could not find a good picture to post.  And I somehow lost my camera last year so no new photos will be made today!  Suffice it to say that we’re both gorgeous, self-assured, Spider women…)

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