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Passion of the Tchotke and Stations of the Kitsch

I am a nice person.  I really am.   I value the pursuit of holiness and religious iconography as much as—if not more—than the next person.  But every year this time of year I succumb to my “Jesus Died to Take Away … Continue reading

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Ride on, Ride on in Majesty!

I learned a new hymn on Friday. *gasp*  You mean that there are hymns out there besides the ones I grew up singing?  It’s a shock, I know.  This video is a decent recording but does not compare to the song’s … Continue reading

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We’re Traveling on a Road We’ve Never Seen Before

I put these lyrics up as my “About Me” when I first started this blog a few months ago because it was the easiest thing to post.  Now that I actually have more than just my mother reading this blog … Continue reading

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This is Itineracy, Part III

For Part Zero, Part Zero+, Part I, and Part II of this series, please click here.  The Restrictive Rules in the United Methodist Book of Discipline indicate that itineracy, part of United Methodism’s proud heritage, is here to stay.  This does not mean that … Continue reading

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This is Itineracy, Part II

For Part Zero, Part Zero+, and Part I of this series, please click here.    The core logic of this itinerant system was that the elders comprised a missionary group in covenant with one another for the preaching of the gospel in diverse settings.  … Continue reading

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This is Itineracy, Part I

I treasure the journal of my great-great-great-grandfather, who was a circuit rider in Illinois and Missouri.  He writes of moving from church to church each week, staying in the houses of people he has never met, hoping that they will … Continue reading

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The Face of Itineracy?

This is itineracy scary. I just did a google image search for “itinerancy” and my picture popped up. Gross.  It’s not even a good picture.

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This is Itineracy… or is it Itinerancy?

I recently learned that Social Studies Fairs are not common throughout the U.S.  Imagine my horror to find this out, since I assumed that everyone spent their free time as a child researching Mary Tudor, Belgian tourist sites, and the U.S. … Continue reading

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Blogroll #6: Rambling Anna

My week of friend-visiting is coming to a close (unfortunately), but I am privileged to spend the weekend with some of my friends on the General Commission on the Status and Role of Women (GCSRW) (pronounced “COS-row”) of The United Methodist … Continue reading

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Blogroll #5: some folks

Some folks are your friends because you went to pre-school together or you rang church-bells at 3 AM together or you crushed on the same boys together.  Other folks are your friends because they speak English and give you a bandana … Continue reading

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