Lauds — 8/12 pages in

It’s sunrise.  My goal had been to finish the 3rd, 4th, and 5th sections of my paper by 7.  That didn’t happen, although my first two parts are now incredibly lengthy.  I unfortunately had a thorough outline for the first half of the paper (in part articulating a United Methodist theology of sainthood, since we have no official statements other than the “anti-Romish” Articles of Religion… thanks, Anglicans) because combing through the Book of Resolutions always gets me excited, but the second half of the paper (showing how this can be informed through tropes of female sanctity in the Middle Ages) had always seemed rather blah to me, although that was the thrust of the assignment, so I don’t have a lot of outline/research to go on. 

 “Lauds” (or Morning Prayer, according to my thorough internet research) is supposed to be about a celebration of the resurrection — a time of praise drawing on  psalms like 148-150.

All it is making me think of this morning is of the hymn “All Glory, Laud, and Honor,” so my morning prayer is to start with Psalm 117 and then sing that:

The music gets me looking to Palm Sunday and a reminder that there is always reason to praise… even when I’ve spent most of the past two hours lying on the floor muttering, “I’m not as young as I once was.” 
(Seriously, these work habits have got to stop!  Prayer can only redeem them so much…)

*a note about the pages numbered in the title:  I tried to tell someone this morning that I was 8/12 of the way done, and then I simplified that to 3/4.  Now I haven’t taken math in a while (read: high school), but even I could tell that those numbers didn’t line up.  But it took me a good minute to figure out WHY it was wrong…  so here I am keeping with the total number, so that my fuzzy mental capacities won’t get in the way of your reading pleasure (ha).

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One Response to Lauds — 8/12 pages in

  1. Katie says:

    I’m pretty sure you’d’ve been at least 10/12 if not for blogging your progress! 😉

    And it’s true – I CANNOT maintain late nights/early mornings anymore! I could seriously fall asleep at 8:30 some nights…. But I do wake up about the same time as my parents now! Ugh!

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