Not counting Sundays…

Lord, who throughout these forty days for us didst fast and pray, teach us with thee to mourn our sins and close by thee to stay.
-UMH 269

Dilemma:  I need to create a facebook event to do last-minute advertising for an event this Tuesday.
(attn. Candlerites: it’s a free lunch & an opportunity to talk to a young adult pastor of a new church start with people who are homeless—and you can get a summer job out of it!  I’m excited because so many of our new church plants are in affluent, growing, suburban areas with the goal of making them financially viable relatively quickly.  It is fabulous to watch a church be created that will be measured according to different standards of success)

Problem:  I gave up facebook for Lent.

Current Solution:  Do it vicariously.  This may or may not involve sitting over someone else’s shoulder as the event is created…

Does this break my Lenten vow?  I’m not really sure.  In college we had the “UM Lenten Council” that would vote on how honest we were being with our Lenten disciplines:

  • Chocolate:  Can I eat this chocolate chip cookie if I pick the chips out? 
  • Being nice:  I always express affection by calling people “nincompoops”
  • Fasting:  I just gave up “food” —- margaritas are liquid!
  • Alcohol:  Wait, who spiked the cider?!
  • Stop being critical:  This is my critical analysis
  • Shaving:  Seriously, guys, I’m not gonna shave just ’cause it’s Sunday and I’m wearing a skirt…
  • Coffee:  I told you, I gave up coffee on the American continent
  • Caffeine:  Since when does Coca-cola have caffeine??
  • Everything else:  But it’s Sunday!

One of the pastors in my conference is keeping track of his Lenten disciplines on his blog, so I thought that I would imitate that practice for today.

  1. Facebook: 4/4
  2. Orthodox Daily Prayer: 3/4
  3. One between God & me: 3/4
  4. Journaling: 2/4

And that’s not counting Sunday… 

Four days in, how are yours coming?  I’m not seeking legalism, just  an opportunity for accountability.

Abide with us, that so, this life of suffering over past, an Easter of unending joy we may attain at last.
-“Lord, Who Throughout These Forty Days” (United Methodist Hymnal #269)

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2 Responses to Not counting Sundays…

  1. onemorestepup says:

    I really get Sundays off? Does that make it easier or harder?

    Here’s my count: No Candy 4/4 (and Sunday)
    Journaling: 2/4 (Sunday’s not over yet)

  2. hnb says:

    Can I have a do-over for this week? Can I extend my Lent to the week after Easter? I think perhaps I was a bit overambitious on Lent this year, but…
    5/5 no sweet tea
    (I’m giving the money I save on buying sweet tea to UMC radio in Cote d’Ivoire through their Lenten Challenge.
    2/5 meal planning
    4/5 reading the Bible (though it’s been about one chapter a night so it’s not quite what I had in mind)

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