Blogroll #2: United Methodist News Service

The UM dorkdom is coming out — it was only a matter of time.  I was talking to a friend last night (who got to meet the POTUS & FLOTUS yesterday through his work with the American Red Cross!) and voiced how frustrated I was to not be able to do anything except give financially, pray, and read.  I was jealous not only because he met the Obamas, but because I would love to be involved in the direct assistance. 

Until then, I read, and pray, and give.

As I read, one of my favorite news blogs is the United Methodist News Service (UMNS).  Typically, they publish articles about the 30th anniversary celebration of women’s ordination in Mozambique (shout-out to GCSRW & Bishop Joaquina Nhanhala!) or the top Methodist videos of the year (did you know that the UMC has its own UMTV youtube channel?  I couldn’t decide whether I was disgusted or proud… until I saw the Proyecto Chacocente video!).  It’s not always riveting stuff, although it is a good way to keep tabs on the United Methodist Church, and—as indicated in the stories that I choose to highlight—I especially perk up at people or programs that I have a direct connection to.

But sometimes I don’t have a direct connection.  Sometimes, I need to broaden my experience of both the Church and the many cultures in which we find ourselves.  Sometimes, I need to know what the church is doing in the midst of brokenness.

Since the earthquake in Haiti last week, the UMNS has published 30+ articles about various aspects of the Haiti earthquake and recovery.  I have been obsessed with reading each report, sometimes being brought to tears, but grateful that I can pray in real-time.  One article interviewed a United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) worker who spent over two days trapped with two other UMCOR workers who eventually died from their injuries.  As I listened to the audio and video clips that go with the article about the survivor, I realized yet again that for me, reading leads to praying.

Won’t you read & pray with me?  I invite you to follow the UMNS in your blogroll:

United Methodist News Service



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2 Responses to Blogroll #2: United Methodist News Service

  1. Anna says:

    um, I think you now win the prize for UM Dorkdom. I’ll relinquish my crown 😉 Love it! Love you!

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