Holy Prepuce!

First day back… holy prepuce! 

We just passed the feast of the Circumcision of Christ (“on the 8th day of Christmas my true love gave to took from me…”), and like the medievals I have come to the startling realization that if Christ has been bodily resurrected, then the only possible primary relic would be his prepuce…. errrr… foreskin…  

My friend James pointed out the theological importance of this claim, since it highlights that Jesus was Jewish (listen to the Avenue Q clip about 3:40 on).  It would hardly do to say that Jesus died a Jew and was resurrected a Gentile.

Fortunately, medieval European relic collectors asserted the Jewishness of Jesus by collecting not one but 10+ holy prepuces.*  (ouch?)

Circumcision of Christ

(image borrowed from Wikipedia Media Commons)

While you might think that this knowledge of holy prepuce(s) is only fit for Religious Jeopardy, the best part of my Christmas break sermon prep (yes, I preached on this passage) was that it came up in class today.  Holy Prepuce!  Who talks about things like that?  Especially after the Vatican deemed in 1900 that anyone who discusses the holy prepuce faces excommunication

*at least one holy prepuce was held at the cathedral that inspired my “peregrina” moniker: Santiago de Compostela 

PS.  I am trying to clean up my vocabulary… will you join me in shouting “holy prepuce” as your newest four-letter word?

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