How to Keep Track of My Updates (aka tips for successful stalking)

If you were my great-uncle Bob, how would you successfully keep track of all that your great-nieces and –nephews were doing?

You’d sign up for their rss feeds, of course!  RSS is the easiest way to receive updates from the websites/blogs that you visit without having to remember to check back every day to see what’s new.  The new content is automatically updated in your feed reader.

There are lots of different feed readers and I am not advocating one over the other.  Katie loves google reader, which is great if you already have gmail, and Pitts Theology Library recommends the popular bloglines.  I keep it simple and am going to explain—very simply—how to sign up using Internet Explorer 8.0

First, decide that you want to follow me. 🙂  Done?  Okay, good.

Second, click on this symbol:

which you can find in EITHER of these locations:


On the next page, click “Subscribe to Feed.” 


You will get a small pop-up window.  Click “Subscribe” again.


That’s it!  Success!  Click on your favorites bar to access the feed; if the title is in bold, it means that there’s an update.


…of course, if the letters “RSS” still intimidate you [after all, acronyms can be scary… this might be the reason the UMC is in numerical decline!], there’s always the option of clicking “Sign me up!” under “E-mail Subscriptions” on the right-hand column:  

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2 Responses to How to Keep Track of My Updates (aka tips for successful stalking)

  1. Katie says:

    Thanks for the link!

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