Beginning the journey…

Confession:  I am a long-time blog lurker.  I love following people.  I obsessively check my feeds.  I waste the time that I should be writing/studying/eating/showering by clicking through my favorite blogs.  I even have a category of blog that I call “time-wasters.”  I justify this internet obsession by claiming that I am “staying in touch” and “culling for sermon illustrations.”  Those are lies.  I am just nosy.

Confession 2:  I believe that blogging is a form of narcissism.  I still believe that — it’s just that I’m growing okay with admitting I can be narcissistic.  As Kant says,

“We are neither suspended from heaven, nor anchored to earth”

(shout-out to my seminary friends!).  I take that to mean that my narcissism is part of my humanity, Barth-notwithstanding. 

I promised myself that I would indulge myself in my narcissistic ways as soon as this semester from H-E-double-hockey-sticks was over .  The only impediment was choosing the blog name. 

My friend Katie recommended the titles “Cheesy Pick-Up Lines Used in Seminary” or “My Life as an Intensely Methodist, Single Seminarian.”  I hope that this blog lasts past the point of being a single seminarian (although it will probably never outlast being intense, Methodist, or the recipient of the best pick-up lines ever).  I also briefly considered “PreacherDi” (sometimes misheard as “PreachOrDie”), since that would be my pole name, if I were a pole dancer.

I also quickly discarded using my name, since my first name of course was taken, and surprisingly was also already in use.  Seriously, the people who had used that address might be missionaries but they’re not even Methodist… how dare they disgrace the family’s denominational identity like that??  I’m not planning to ever change any part of my name, so that wouldn’t prevent me from using my first and last names together, but it does take the fun out of semi-anonymously blogging. 

I had thought early on that I wanted to be “peregrina” or “la peregrina” [the (female) pilgrim] but those had been taken — by people who no longer post, no less!  WordPress really needs to do something about all these defunct bloggers…

[I had a xanga back when xangas were cool (seriously, when WAS that?!).  Technically, my xanga still exists, since I managed to find it after googling what I thought had been my username.  I stopped writing in January 2006, right after my sister & I created my Dad a blog entitled “Great White Whale” with the tagline “Keepin’ the faith… Losin’ the Weight.”  Wow, we were cruel inspirational.]

I tried nearly three dozen other blog names (mostly based on hymn lyrics, Spanish poetry, and Tales of a Magic Monastery) before remembering that there are plenty of other Spanish words that relate to pilgrimage.  “Peregrinación” bothered me because I wouldn’t be able to use the accent in the site address, and spelling errors like that REALLY bug me.  “Peregrinar” [“to peregrinate,” errr, for English ears, “to go on a pilgrimage”] looks like a typo, “peregrinando” is too long, and “caminante” wasn’t what I was looking for, although I love the poem by Antonio Machado [quoted below].  So “peregrinaje” it is!

I intend to write about life as a seminary student and candidate for ordination and what it means to me to consider myself a pilgrim journeying through life.  I’ll probably pretend that I’m a NYTimes columnist as well, which means that you’ll get my uncensored opinions on current events, church happenings, and book reviews.  If you’re lucky, I might throw in a few posts about the wonders of coffee, feminism, and the Oxford English Dictionary. 


“Caminante, no hay camino.  Se hace camino al andar.”  – Antonio Machado

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4 Responses to Beginning the journey…

  1. WtW says:

    Thanks for the fun comment on my blog. I notice that yours is brand new, and I’m looking forward to reading it.

    I too had a xanga way back when. I started it finals week of the first semester of my junior year of college when I should have been studying for con law. Xanga was the place to be back then.

    I hope you put my blog in your time-wasters folder, because I don’t think anyone reads the backlog, but those old posts are getting lonely.

    Welcome to wordpress and blogging about being a (nascent) ordained person.
    Blessings for the rest of Advent.
    Adam (wherethewind)

    P.S. It took me a while to come up with my blog’s name, too. It took the confluence of me being a huge U2 fan and a huge fan of the Fourth Gospel to get it there.

  2. La Peregrina says:

    Don’t worry, you’re not in the time-wasters category! That’s reserved for constantly updated with-no-redeeming-value sites like FML…. you know, those sites I turn to only when I have a paper due.

    I’ve only read your Davies stories (love rlp!) & the ones cross-posted with the EpiscopalCafe… plus a quick search for “West Virginia”… but perhaps I will troll through the WtW backlog next time I need to procrastinate.

    Blessings —


  3. Katie says:

    Can’t wait to read more! (Took me a while to realize who this was…!) 🙂

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