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Celebrating My Birth Moment

This post is scheduled for my exact birth moment.   Dwight K. Schrute explains the meaning of the birth moment HERE.  (definition shared with 47 seconds to go) Hopefully, my day will be better than Michael’s! Advertisements

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Ebenezer Scrooge on Healthcare Reform

My curmudgeonly Uncle Bob (who has now made it into TWO posts of my week-old blog… he better appreciate the love :-)) fears that I am a communist.  He worries that I am going down the Marxist path that he … Continue reading

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Top 20 New Words

Your family is very nice, especially for Americans. -compliment from our international guest My sister brought home a couple of international students for Christmas, one from China and the other from Columbia.  This was the Chinese student’s first Christmas (once she … Continue reading

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Snow Angel

May the Gloria! of the angels brighten the midwinter of our hearts.

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Midnight Sledding

On the first night of snow (only 12 inches at that point!), we ran outside at five ’til midnight and came back in at quarter of two. Except for avoiding the trees at the bottom, our backyard slopes are pretty sweet!  … Continue reading

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O Come, O Come, Emmanuel

On this fourth Sunday of Advent, I share with you this version of “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel”: I first saw this in my church a few weeks ago and loved the diverse representations of the gospel.  Even more than our culturally-laden … Continue reading

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How to Keep Track of My Updates (aka tips for successful stalking)

If you were my great-uncle Bob, how would you successfully keep track of all that your great-nieces and –nephews were doing? You’d sign up for their rss feeds, of course!  RSS is the easiest way to receive updates from the … Continue reading

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Certifiable –> Certified!

As of today, I am certifiable certified by my district committee on ordained ministry! This is only one step in a very long process (after all, that’s why I called this blog a “pilgrimage”!), but I appreciated the affirmation of where I am … Continue reading

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Beginning the journey…

Confession:  I am a long-time blog lurker.  I love following people.  I obsessively check my feeds.  I waste the time that I should be writing/studying/eating/showering by clicking through my favorite blogs.  I even have a category of blog that I … Continue reading

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